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Ok, my first NSFW animation is out. It took me longer than i expected and its not perfect, expecially when it was a little bit rushed because i dont have a lot of free time right now. I just wanted to post something. After some time i will create patreon and there im gonna fix some things in this and add sounds, upload in 1080p 60 fps and stuff. So enjoy
explicit362533 artist:neterixx83 fluttershy217661 rainbow dash239032 pegasus310914 anthro270342 plantigrade anthro34799 2 handfuls of dem hips1489 3d80713 ahegao25747 animated101135 ass51095 balls79887 bed42480 bedroom10973 belly button81610 big penis11622 bouncing5093 bouncing breasts3975 breasts289604 breeding1071 busty fluttershy17969 busty rainbow dash8481 butt66582 creampie32141 cum81895 cumming23341 cutie mark49917 eyes closed98599 female1406122 flutterdash4622 futa47514 futa on female12054 futa rainbow dash3741 intersex45334 leg lock638 lidded eyes31918 looking at each other21566 looking pleasured964 missionary position4301 nipples175988 no sound4382 nudity383467 obscured penetration2352 open mouth155424 orgasm12311 penetration61267 penis159627 rainbow dash's bedroom207 sex126172 shipping206194 simultaneous orgasm666 smiling262598 source filmmaker48663 this will end in pregnancy1468 tongue out108676 vaginal41210 vaginal creampie1700 wall of tags3682 webm14489 wingless4631 wingless anthro2436


not provided yet


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Background Pony #9865
Dude this is amazing the facial expressions and such are spot on. I ship futadash and fluttershy lol.
Nice seeing Rainbow dash give flutters a nice creampoie.
I hope to see a longer version of this animation with sound and such.
Keep up the good work.

They can't unhug you.
The movement is quite stiff, but I love the bit at the end where Rainbow hunches over to get some final thrusts in. Their expressions are generally pretty good, too!
Background Pony #3364
This is very very good, hope you include some kissing in your future animations becauase the way she came inside would’ve been made 20 times better if it was sealed with a smooch or a kiss
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Just horsin' around
Yeah. In the begging its ok but after speed up something went wrong for some reason. I ve noticed that after rendering. When i have some time i will fix some things eventually