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Alternate version: >>2196107

I mean…what else is there to say about this new series of whatever-it-is? I want to think this reflects it pretty well, though I definitely spent way more than warranted on it, curse my sinful hand!

Real talk though, the initial impression is very not good and I'm afraid the plan is similar to what Teen Titans Go went through. That show isn't bad, but the characters suffered a complete dilution of individual personality and got turned into zany characters for comic relief with nothing to set them apart. Given how these horsies were acting in that preview, I'm not very hopeful; I wish I could forget CalArts Fluttershy waving her noodly tube hooves but alas my brain is cursed with that vision forever. That said, I do hope this won't be successful enough for them to consider sticking to the formula or designs for an eventual G5, that would be the end of me.

At least the memes are good.

>Tumblr source
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I understand that this will be the main audience of this?))
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Hey, come on! Are you OK?

(I’m pretending this is an alternate reality in which King of Fighters memes are MLP and JoJo levels of annoying. XP )