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Sonic the Hedgehog series belong to SEGA and Sonic Team
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safe1638731 artist:trungtranhaitrung315 applejack164514 fluttershy205593 pinkie pie209858 rainbow dash226505 rarity175879 spike76627 starlight glimmer46508 sunset shimmer60039 twilight sparkle291664 alicorn210959 chao100 dragon52140 amy rose423 blaze the cat221 cheese chao24 crossover60020 knuckles the echidna483 mane seven6244 mane six30836 miles "tails" prower717 rouge the bat354 shadow the hedgehog871 silver the hedgehog275 sonic the hedgehog2984 sonic the hedgehog (series)7346 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119903 winged spike8022


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