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safe1558285 edit114873 edited screencap54115 screencap195481 trixie61352 human140183 derpibooru6783 equestria girls177753 equestria girls series28062 forgotten friendship4584 arm69 blue1092 book30209 bookshelf2999 bust39487 cabinet164 caption17990 cheeks139 chest524 chin28 clothes402383 collar28274 computer5507 cropped42876 cupboard56 cute173910 desperation672 diatrixes2717 ear91 exclamation point3320 eyebrows2316 eyelashes4459 female882348 forehead22 frown21387 grammar error1646 gray288 great3 great and powerful134 green635 hair1247 hairclip877 hairpin1258 handle9 help208 hoodie12009 image macro35296 imgflip261 important7 jacket10562 meme78028 meta15904 monitor532 mouth474 neck86 need tagging help1 nose147 number26 polite11 powerful47 printer40 purple841 red593 refrigerator464 sad22460 shelf433 shirt20672 solo961543 stars13143 sweatshirt519 tags507 text50003 trixie yells at everything778 undershirt302 wall675 watermark14223 white411 wide eyes16046 yellow305 zipper659


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