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Commissioned by : WEAREBREAK 
semi-grimdark (25299)alternate version (25611)artist:chedx (265)applejack (150664)fluttershy (187585)pinkie pie (192460)princess ember (5283)rainbow dash (207379)rain shine (311)rarity (160587)spike (70055)storm king (1003)tempest shadow (12433)dragon (40439)griffon (22038)kirin (5222)nirik (273)seapony (g4) (3325)comic:kingdom fall (13)comic:the storm kingdom (74)my little pony: the movie (16849)absurd resolution (61940)alternate hairstyle (21825)alternate timeline (2505)alternate universe (6254)bad end (1867)brainwashing (307)comic (92490)commission (42431)mind control (2620)soldier pony (52)storm army (17)


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5 comments posted
Background Pony #A055
Given the main 6 don’t appear later, do they just stand there like trophies for other ponies to gawk at for eternity? 🙂
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