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Being a CEO of a company with not much to do but laze around all day and occasionally spout orders to your workers seems to takes a toll on your waistline, especially when fattening foods and other growth-related things take up most of your company's products.

Seems that having your daughter as a personal secretary who does mostly the same 'work' also yields a similar result.
suggestive132570 artist:saintdraconis30 dragon lord torch318 princess ember5977 dragon50887 belly25918 bhm1374 big breasts73725 breasts254068 business40 busty princess ember838 clothes425727 dragonlard ember122 fat20637 huge breasts34444 impossibly large belly9567 impossibly large breasts15480 macro10228 moobs363 morbidly obese7215 obese10689 smug5486 suit5332 wardrobe malfunction4775


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