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Being a CEO of a company with not much to do but laze around all day and occasionally spout orders to your workers seems to takes a toll on your waistline, especially when fattening foods and other growth-related things take up most of your company’s products.

Seems that having your daughter as a personal secretary who does mostly the same ’work’ also yields a similar result.
suggestive (116458)artist:saintdraconis (29)dragon lord torch (285)princess ember (5277)dragon (39980)belly (21501)bhm (1207)big breasts (58650)breasts (211526)business (36)busty princess ember (726)clothes (366239)dragonlard ember (93)fat (18167)huge breasts (26912)impossibly large belly (7907)impossibly large breasts (12605)macro (9365)moobs (305)morbidly obese (6181)obese (9229)smug (4326)suit (4479)wardrobe malfunction (4051)


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