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The nurses and doctors in Ponyville were having a rather calm day, until Princess Twilight and her wives exploded into the waiting room out of nowhere.

They spent the next several hours not only helping 3 mares give birth, which they were practiced at, but also keeping the others calm and out of the way. Three panicked ponies was three too many.

Finally, the foals had been cleaned and diapered, their vitals checked, and returned to their parents' room.

Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie's beds had been scooted together, and the mares were gathered and cuddling when their babies were brought back.

They each had had their chance to hold the babies before they were whisked away to be checked, of course, but upon their return, it was like seeing them for the first time. They all fell silent as their babies were carefully laid at the end of the bed.

It wasn't long before Pinkie Pie said what everypony was thinking; "They're perfect"

Everypony else either nodded or hummed in agreement.

There were two fillies, and one colt. A pegasus, a unicorn, and an earth pony, respectively. Twilight smiled at that; of course their children would be an even mix.

Their attention was drawn to their colt when he dropped the binky he had been sucking on. He sniffled and cried until Applejack gently nudged it back into his mouth.

"He has your eyes Applejack!" Rarity said, lovingly.

"And your whine" Applejack teased. Rarity stuck her tongue out at her wife playfully.

"Look at our little pegasus! She's napping like a champ, just like her mom!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, eager to brag about her awesome offspring.

Soon the mares were all pointing out the traits they could see in the foals.

The pegasus had freckles; that was certainly Applejack's doing.

Nopony could miss the unicorn's curly pink mane, so much like Pinkie Pie's. Not to mention how happy, smiley, and giggly she was!

Their pegasus filly had most definitely inherited Fluttershy's long flowing mane, even if the color came from Rainbow Dash.

The fetlocks on their little colt could've come from Rarity's, Rainbow's, or Applejack's father, so they shared credit.

They compared their coats to their babies'. The colt's was so much like Twilight's; just a little lighter … perhaps from just a dash of Rarity? They agreed that their little unicorn had almost an even mix of Fluttershy's yellow and Applejack's orange. And the deep blue of their pegasus filly could only have come from a mix of Rainbow Dash and Twilight.

The mares sniffled and smiled at their perfect, precious little babies.

Suddenly Twilight laughed. "I never thought I'd be so grateful for something Discord did!"

Everypony joined in the laughing and agreed. They were so grateful for their new family.


Well, here they are!! Hope they were worth the wait!! I took a test today and decided to give myself some down time to draw.

Fluttershy gave birth to the pegasus, Pinkie Pie the unicorn, and Applejack the earth pony. Also, since you can't see them, the pegasus filly's eyes are magenta, like Rainbow Dash.

I'll be uploading bios for them eventually, which will have their names, cutie marks, etc. But for now, you can have some fun facts:

The unicorn filly loves and often plays Hoofball! Her grandpa Magnum taught her! She also plays Buckball, but she finds playing as a unicorn fairly boring, and would prefer to play as an earth pony.

The pegasus filly is quiet, but not shy. Though she does tend to think of her long hair as a security blanket, and cries when her moms make her get it cut.

The earth pony is cisgender, but loves to dress up and wear make-up and jewelry! He loves bonding with his mommy Rarity!
safe1555494 artist:cartoonboyfriends19 applejack157253 fluttershy195773 pinkie pie201374 rainbow dash217205 rarity167913 twilight sparkle279825 oc593642 pony826596 absurd resolution63684 baby8867 baby pony6049 diaper11969 freckles24752 mane six28995 multiple parents174 offspring33642 pacifier2365 parent:applejack3192 parent:fluttershy3941 parent:pinkie pie3514 parent:rainbow dash4881 parent:rarity3461 parent:twilight sparkle7123 parents:omniship11 sitting up57 sleeping21341 tongue out88539 unshorn fetlocks21638


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