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bases belongs to softybases-d5u5y88,stryapastylebases-d8uf63m,starburstdapony-d8t5tf1,applejack002-d8lfhk1,and pinkiepie_bluestar-d93jamz
sonic,shadow,amy,rouge and wave belongs to sega
safe (1483382) artist:applejack002 (8) artist:pinkiepie-bluestar (1) artist:softybases (20) artist:starburstdapony (1) artist:stryapastylebases (14) artist:twidashfan1234 (21) bat pony (38284) earth pony (166120) pegasus (206271) pony (762357) unicorn (225828) amy rose (373) base used (12184) bat ponified (1722) ponified (36002) race swap (11568) rouge the bat (295) shadow the hedgehog (844) sonic riders (17) sonic the hedgehog (series) (6741) wave the swallow (18)


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Background Pony #4D29
Ya know, the Wave, Sonic, and Shadow ones actually look good from a distance. If you zoom in they're too jagged but if this was done with a computer mouse and MS paint not bad. You have potential perhaps. Save up and Invest in better equipment!