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The full version’s out, so here’s all 16 Littlepip’s from Fallout Equestria: Remains.
safe1765589 artist:dipfanken120 artist:empalu59 screencap230821 oc719543 oc only469940 oc:littlepip4217 pony1025532 unicorn348719 fallout equestria17713 game: fallout equestria: remains157 apple16935 arrow2285 axe1729 bandage5913 bandana5567 black background5886 bucking971 campfire1138 clothes480986 cute207486 cutie mark50424 energy weapon362 explosives305 eyes closed99565 fanfic10606 fanfic art15053 female1414962 floppy ears55278 food73868 game screencap1619 glasses65579 glowing horn20847 graduate15 graduation cap286 grin41708 gritted teeth13469 gun16477 handgun2878 hooves18387 horn80001 icon1883 levitation12729 little macintosh560 lockpicking52 looking at you177887 looking back60863 looking back at you16310 magic76131 magical energy weapon143 mare509014 medkit79 one eye closed33073 open mouth157306 optical sight955 pipbuck3640 revolver1646 simple background414024 sitting66277 smiling265444 solo1105351 standing13207 telekinesis29076 terminal128 tnt102 vault suit3666 weapon31724


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A FoE: PH fan
The way it’s lined up lead me to think that the dynamite was lockpicking.  
Either way, the lock will still be open.