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The full version's out, so here's all 16 Littlepip's from Fallout Equestria: Remains.
safe1681543 artist:dipfanken101 artist:empalu59 screencap219155 oc668916 oc only440052 oc:littlepip4050 pony943626 unicorn312939 fallout equestria16671 game: fallout equestria: remains138 apple15946 arrow2173 axe1639 bandage5576 bandana5242 black background5277 bucking947 campfire1035 clothes450558 cute196101 cutie mark46941 energy weapon360 explosives291 eyes closed90562 fanfic10349 fanfic art14134 female1340699 floppy ears50925 food68540 game screencap1483 glasses60471 glowing horn19141 graduate15 grin37276 gritted teeth11811 gun15719 handgun2684 hooves17589 horn62842 icon1726 levitation11850 little macintosh548 lockpicking48 looking at you164034 looking back55765 looking back at you13975 magic71992 magical energy weapon140 mare468752 medkit69 mortarboard12 one eye closed29643 open mouth140909 optical sight952 pipbuck3449 revolver1576 simple background385193 sitting61740 smiling241522 solo1047078 standing11807 telekinesis27134 terminal122 tnt96 vault suit3428 weapon29917


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A FoE: PH fan
The way it's lined up lead me to think that the dynamite was lockpicking.
Either way, the lock will still be open.
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