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Some early pre-edit inks that correspond with some pages that were already posted here.
safe1613943 artist:pencils1261 idw14647 gallus6156 ocellus4848 sandbar5025 silverstream5634 smolder7157 spike75687 twilight sparkle288062 yona4720 alicorn205697 changedling7673 changeling42880 dragon50787 griffon25056 pony881541 yak4239 spoiler:comic10297 spoiler:comic8418 apple15257 black and white12139 book31488 cheering756 classroom1517 comic103232 dragoness7210 female1284702 food64159 fountain574 grayscale35848 ink1275 library3027 magic68335 male343234 mare438869 monochrome144675 no dialogue84 preview1923 quill2565 reading5903 school of friendship1145 stallion97634 student six1498 teenager4432 traditional art111080 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118266 waving2669


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