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Even sadder version of: >>2193883 >>2192905
Based off of: https://derpibooru.org/images/2193883#comment_8611372
Please forgive me, Gallus.

Sandbar/Silverstream/Ocellus/Smolder/Yona: *happy birthday noises*

Gallus: Sigh…

Sandbar: Hey Gallus!! C'mon, don't think we forgot to invite you to my birthday party!!

Silverstream: Yeah, Gally!! We saved you some cake this time!!

Ocellus: *unamused* We're not talking about that incident again.

Gallus: Sigh…

Sandbar: Gallus? What's wrong?

Gallus: …

Silverstream: I think Gallus doesn't like birthday parties.

Smolder: I wouldn't be surprised. He didn't even want to be a part of my hatchday party the other month.

Ocellus: Come to think of it, Gallus left in the middle of my hatchday party, too.

Yona: Griffon not want to be a part of Yona's birthday party either.

Silverstream: Gallus went to the bathroom and never came back during my birthday party.

Smolder: I always thought it's because he got sick from whatever it was you were serving, Silver.

Sandbar: Gallus, is that it? You don't like birthday parties?

Gallus: No, it's not that. Except for the part where I got sick.

Smolder: *smirk*

Gallus: We've been together for over a year, and, well, do you know what hasn't happened yet?

Sandbar/Silverstream/Ocellus/Smolder/Yona: https://youtu.be/0Wi8Fv0AJA4

Sandbar: *GASP* Gallus, we've never celebrated YOUR birthday!!!

Gallus: And everytime I see you celebrating your birthdays, I… I feel left out.

Silverstream: What are you talking about? We've invited you every time!!

Yona: Griffon get invited to every birthday party, but griffon always leave halfway through.

Smolder: *pout* I'm just glad I'm able to celebrate my hatchday.

Ocellus: Actually, we didn't really do hatchdays under Chrysalis' rule, so some of the changelings don't have a hatch date recorded in Pharynx's changeling census, so Thorax decided to have a big collective hatch day for those who—

Gallus: *yelling* At least YOU have a celebration!!

Ocellus: *whimper*

Gallus: Ocellus, wait—

Silverstream: That wasn't nice, Gallus.

Yona: *angry* Yona think griffon should not be invited at Sandbar's or anycreature's birthday party ever again!!

Gallus: No, wait—

Sandbar: Guys, stop!! Let Gallus speak. Gallus?

Gallus: *sigh* It's not that I don't like birthday parties or griffons don't do birthday parties. It's, well… You already know how I don't have a family, right?

Sandbar: Yeah, we remember.

Gallus: Well… *holding back tears* I've never had a real birthday party either.

Sandbar: Wait, what?

Ocellus: Hold on, you never told us when your birthday is.

Sandbar: Gallus, is that true? Have you kept your birthday a secret from us?

Gallus: …yes…

Sandbar: Gallus… Can you tell us why? We won't judge you or anything like that.

Gallus: Well, it's not that I wanted to keep it a secret… it's just that… *whimper*

Sandbar: *pats Gallus* Don't worry. You can tell us.

Gallus: I… *crying* I don't even remember my own birthday anymore!!

Silverstream/Ocellus/Smolder/Yona: *gasp*

Sandbar: Wait, REALLY?!

Gallus: *wiping away tears* I never had a family or anygriff to wish me happy birthday back in Griffonstone, and even when I was celebrating my birthday by myself… one day, I just forgot and I've never celebrated again.

Sandbar: Jeez, I'm so sorry, Gallus.

Gallus: Don't be. I'm going back to bed. I— I've already ruined enough celebrations. Just… wake me up when it's all over.

Silverstream/Ocellus/Smolder/Yona: *silence*

Sandbar: Don't go.

Gallus: …what…?

Sandbar: You said you never had a birthday party, right?

Gallus: …yes…

Sandbar: And you said it's because you can't remember when your birthday is, right?

Gallus: *nods yes*

Sandbar: Well, why don't we celebrate it right now?

Gallus: Wait, are you sure?

Sandbar: *gives Gallus his party hat* Happy birthday, Gallus. *hug*

Gallus: *hugs Sandbar, teary-eyed* Thanks, Sandbar.

Silverstream: *hugs Gallus*

Ocellus/Smolder: *hugs Gallus*

Yona: Group… HUG!! *hugs everycreature*

Gallus/Sandbar/Silverstream/Ocellus/Smolder: AGH!! *laughs*
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