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safe1590256 artist:focusb400 applejack160226 flash sentry12177 fluttershy199685 pinkie pie204830 rainbow dash221017 rarity171099 sci-twi22375 sunset shimmer58312 twilight sparkle285000 equestria girls182282 equestria girls series28828 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11895 blushing178259 breasts243662 busty fluttershy15163 female934333 finger in mouth568 finger sucking61 flash sentry gets all the mares109 flash sentry gets all the waifus226 flashdash65 flashimmer1880 flashjack46 flashlight2563 flutterflash74 harem817 humane five2854 humane seven2159 humane six2729 imminent orgy71 imminent sex5264 lidded eyes26449 lucky bastard1424 male310771 missing accessory7513 no glasses91 pinkiesentry67 rarity's bedroom220 sciflash237 sentrity104 shipping185835 straight122911


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Background Pony #717C
Sgt.Glaxla:"How Lovely Flash Sentry the Girls thinks they want to punish you for Princess Twilight Sparkle!"