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Sad version of: >>2192905
safe (1484268) alternate version (26952) artist:gd_inuk (61) gallus (4952) griffon (22489) beak hold (18) blank eyes (307) blue background (3344) chest fluff (28027) cute (159594) empty eyes (470) feather (4704) lighting (300) lineless (3275) lonely (498) male (275509) no pupils (2981) sad (21327) sadorable (500) simple background (309363) sitting (49105) solo (913086) stylized (119)


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Gilda, Gallus, and Camp!

Everyone else forgot to invite him for Sandbar's birthday party.

Sandbar refused to kiss him.

Someone threw his and Silverstream's eggs that they made together to a brick wall.

Smolder gave him fried chicken as a prank gone wrong, which reminded him of his days being bullied in Griffonstone for his odd habits.