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Spawn of AU Sombra & Celestia.
safe (1522281) artist:darkest-lunar-flower (381) king sombra (12299) princess celestia (87578) oc (572949) alicorn (183735) pony (796854) unicorn (242733) alicorn oc (20550) baby (8356) belly (22871) belly button (64019) blushing (167633) celestibra (281) chest fluff (29903) daddy sombra (22) ear fluff (21165) excited (2428) eyes closed (75568) female (846365) fetus (128) good king sombra (482) heart (41257) male (288137) mare (386910) momlestia (945) offspring (31975) open mouth (115888) parent:king sombra (974) parent:princess celestia (1746) parents:celestibra (155) preglestia (499) pregnant (11839) rational exuberance (8) sensibly-proportioned pregnancy (99) shipping (176851) smiling (202222) stallion (86071) straight (117220) ultrasound (72)


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4 comments posted

Sombra: "I wonder what our baby will be? A filly or a colt?"
Celestia: "What will we choose for a name?"
Sombra: "I think Calming Gleam would be a good name for a boy… but what if it's a girl?"
(A Few months Later)
Doctor: "Congratulations your majesties: it's going to be a filly."
Celestia: "I know that you will be a beautiful and loving filly, my daughter, my Cozy Glow…"
Background Pony #1210
Gasp it's a celestibra baby. I approve. Awesome ship. Also the baby alicorn looks like a baby bird when they ain't got not feathers on their wings at first