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"Clean" version of the last 4chan /mlp/ send-off poster.

PNG version is here:
safe1640135 artist:anontheanon328 artist:atryl edits117 artist:darkdoomer328 artist:hotdiggedydemon496 artist:imalou461 artist:jargon scott2219 artist:ljdamz1119441 artist:lockheart433 artist:pencils1266 artist:tjpones3460 adagio dazzle12412 amethyst star2470 applejack164622 autumn blaze3592 big macintosh27427 cozy glow6902 daring do6273 derpy hooves49079 diamond tiara9967 dj pon-328674 flash sentry12360 fluttershy205742 gilda9330 limestone pie4808 lyra heartstrings28740 marble pie6277 mudbriar777 pinkie pie210006 princess cadance31530 princess celestia92340 princess luna96567 queen chrysalis33682 rainbow dash226661 rarity175992 shining armor22367 sour sweet3202 sparkler2322 starlight glimmer46567 sunset shimmer60105 sweetie belle47795 trixie65083 twilight sparkle291832 vinyl scratch28674 oc643549 oc:anon11323 oc:aryanne3113 oc:fausticorn1516 oc:filly anon2516 oc:gloomy116 oc:junior28 oc:leslie fair136 oc:littlepip3971 oc:marker pony389 oc:milky way2095 oc:nasapone109 oc:nyx2157 oc:ticket1153 oc:zorse24 alicorn211230 ghost2534 kirin7766 pony905744 .mov1102 fallout equestria16190 friendship is witchcraft753 smile hd389 equestria girls191268 /)6 /mlp/9294 /mlpol/415 3d69980 4chan6656 absurd resolution64858 animal costume1914 banana1917 bump285 chicken pie301 chicken suit436 clothes435980 collage1294 coomer10 costume26403 cowboy bebop100 crystal prep academy uniform3291 dab392 everfree outpost13 faic11770 female1305841 filly62913 fiw6 flutter thought10 food66029 g36658 g41282 gun15371 hoofbump1074 i'm so alone91 implying261 lauren faust1725 mane six30862 meme80249 ms paint6026 nazi3438 pinkamena diane pie18664 pixel art9965 please be patient i have autism18 plushie22945 pony.mov317 pudding305 pudding face175 qr code148 remove kebab62 rifle3597 school uniform6963 shipping191683 shotgun1436 sniper1146 sniper rifle982 snipershy94 source filmmaker42597 space4839 tattoo5082 tea2952 text55088 thank you251 the fresh prince of bel-air94 true capitalist radio150 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119952 wall of tags2809 weapon29061 will smith49


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Background Pony #B38D

I'm so glad they didn't forget about these two. You guys are fucking heroes.
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