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safe (1459911)artist:tjpones (2726)cozy glow (4676)earth pony (158381)pony (725023)bed (32146)bedroom (7008)bronybait (2669)chest fluff (27007)dialogue (52393)doll (5522)female (786959)filly (52470)freckles (21335)golly (31)high res (17781)implied brony (2)looking at you (124971)missing wing (138)poster (4445)shelf (372)talking to viewer (1662)toy (19824)truth (878)


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Background Pony #C4E3
Just watching a show that was made for children and adults alike is not weird at all.
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Background Pony #522E
>that feel when Cozy Glow gets turned to stone, but The Twiggle roams free to terrorize the land
I never asked for that feel.
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Jokaro's avatar
Well well well.
Ain’t that somethin’, a life size talking Cozy Glow doll.
CG: "unhoof me you weirdo!"
>Rotates in every direction
Too bad there’s a defect. Wings are missing.
CG: "Defect! That pesky no good draconequus magicked my wings from me."
Hold still, this is too lively >I can feel her warmth, sheesh filly did you eat a whole pack of skittles?
CG: "What kind of stupid expression is that? Put me down, good friends don’t hold ponies against their will."
So you know what little girl’s toys are but not skittles.
CG: "The game that has you knock pins over with a ball. Gee mister, I guess your kind isn’t known for their wits."
>Drops her on bed
You came to the wrong man’s house.
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Well, you see, Miss Glow, that used to be my Star Wars shelf. But the Star Wars PR campaign has made it clear Star Wars is for… I don’t know who honestly. People who enjoy shitty, "subversive" writing, I guess. But they’ve made it clear that we original fans aren’t welcome to be part of their new community. So I’ve started giving my money towards a show that actually wants my business and my continued inclusion in the community, and I haven’t regretted it.

Friendship is Magic is so special. I’ll never forget it.
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Darth Sonic's avatar
Darth Sonic
Friendship, Art, and Magic (6 Years) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (7 Years) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.

"Little Lady, the closest thing you have to friends and family is an over-muscled magic eating centuar dying of testosterone poisoning and an insane bugmare who gets into heated arguments with sticks… and LOSES. You live in a cave with them and a creepy goat Sauron-wannabe. You are in no position to judge ME!"
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Background Pony #5170
unless put u diaper is weirdo? then iamm weird who going have diaper filly stay in my home tonight.
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Comments65 comments posted