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safe (1487488) artist:notawriteranon (25) fluttershy (190050) pinkie pie (194955) rainbow dash (210009) twilight sparkle (269773) oc (557296) oc:anon (10927) bird (5852) ostrich (38) blanket (4251) drawthread (1670) foaming at the mouth (84) hiding (1209) kinderquestria (1) pillow (13817) scared (8423) shaking (1204) shivering (1823) sleepover (307) x eyes (415)


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Artist -

Dont forget the green

>Kinderponies all having a massive sleepover at Anon's house
>But they decided to tell spooky stories
>They each take turns telling their scary stories
>The stories are pretty tame to say the least
>The stories basically consisted of things like "But he had dropped his ice cream cone on the ground and it was ruined!" as well as "It turns out the glitter never really was on sale!"
>After hearing a bunch of "scary" stories that circled around minor everyday inconveniences, it finally becomes your turn to tell a story
>So you decided to tell the tamest story you could think of in order to not scar these pones for life
>You tell Pic Related
>You let out a small chuckle as you finish telling the story and wait for accompanying laughs
>However the room is dead silent
>You look around in confusion and see all the ponys huddle up into a massive quivering ball of fear
>Ah shit
"Cmon guys, it wasnt even scary!" You say trying to calm down the scared poners
>As soon as you finish your sentence as if on cue a large crack of thunder erupts nearby and the poorly closed windows flap open allowing large gusts of wind to invade the room and blow out the lights
>Many screams can be heard as well as numerous sets of hooves scrambling all across the room
>Well shit