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Originally posted on: June 16, 2015
Season 1 Episode 1: 2 and a half hours until the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration

Chase: Comfort isn't exactly avoidable.

Hears the new way of how my Comics are gonna go, as you can see(if your willing enough) there is a difference in many areas of this upload, so lets call it a ask/comic update. So yeah the Commentors are shadowed hallucinations of the voices in Chase's (and others,depends) head of what they look like to him. And the greenish aura stuff for commentors represent what website the comment came from(or in any case for now is Deviantart) so there is an easy difference between commentors(voices) and the Enenras/Shades. Enjoy~

Question asked by MapleTea02 -→ https://www.deviantart.com/mapletea02

Next -→ https://www.deviantart.com/didun850/art/Chase-Pony-Chp-1-Part-3-540948861

Last -→ https://www.deviantart.com/didun850/art/Manga-Chase-Pony-Chp-1-Part-1-539467505 (>>2192050)

Chase is MINE!!
MlpFim Belongs to Faust and Hasbro
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