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Lightning Dust didn't deserve to be included in the pegasuses
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Have people really forgotten how she almost killed five of the Mane 6 and then didn't even care about it afterwards? She's a callous pseudo-sociopath at best and deserves no better than what she got.

I'm re-posting this link/image so because so few people have any sympathy for Lightning Dust. In cannon she was not a nice pony and would not be included in this final shot, but this head-cannon of how she became so competitive and how she reacted to losing her shot with the Wonderbolts has me feeling sorry for her.

I want people to take these events into account.
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LISTEN UP! You go on fimfiction and you change this little "misunderstanding" so you can have a head canon and not be so bothered by this! ARE WE OR ARE WE NOT CLEAR?