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safe1615773 applejack162590 fluttershy203008 pinkie pie207491 potion nova270 rarity173793 trixie64010 twilight sparkle288329 alicorn206090 earth pony215955 pegasus257324 pony883546 unicorn285291 my little pony: pony life4337 competition215 female1286238 hairdorables1 irl68032 photo76456 pony life drama126 reveal the magic37 text53574 toy21280 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118388


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Friendly Neighborhood DM
I don't fault them for shaking up the toy line now and then, but it's curious that they're introducing an entirely new character before even getting the full mane 6 out.

I believe the big funkos did. Besides they did it in G1

Yes, later Funko figures did, and I think later blind bags did too.
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Background Pony #FC76
With the traditional brushables, the toy collecting mlp community always complained about how the bottom of shining armors shoes, or how the Princesses shoes were never painted. After the reboot for the movie, the toy collectors felt that the unpainted tongues tuined the whole look of the ponies with the opened mouth, and thus complained about it. It's not about what items need, it's about what the consumers want. If you don't give-in to your consumers, there won't be success because consumers won't want the product.

As for printing cutie marks on both sides, I read an article on EQD where somebody interviewed the toy designers and their response was "the pennies add up," however that is a very stupid response to have said, because for the majority of these past 5 years, every mlp toy has had some unnecessary body print or design added to them, whether it be a zapcode, body tattoos like on the ponymania figures, or full on body prints like the all about ponies. Pennies clearly don't add up.
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Background Pony #5B2E
Thank God they kept Starlight away from this abomination. Shes too good for this.
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