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Okay boomer XD
safe1709118 artist:taurson531 luster dawn1557 twilight sparkle300667 alicorn224967 pony970190 unicorn324525 the last problem5828 ...2308 comic109212 female1365576 mare481937 millennial luster dawn18 ok boomer39 older26806 older twilight1688 princess twilight 2.02379 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon257 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123813


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@Yet One More Idiot

It could be. Although "Zoomer" just started off as a response to "Ok, Boomer" from what I understand. But the generation will need a new name eventually since Generation Z doesn't work without a Generation Y, so maybe that will eventually be used.
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@Yet One More Idiot

"Millenial" is a replacement for Generation Y. It's a common misconception that it applies to those born after the Millennium, when it doesn't.
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Boomer bashing memes popularity coincide with the finale time skip so it provide headcanon fodder to the fandom for a character that was designed to be a "imagine what happen after" starting point
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Twilight:Ya know what? you sayin some mean things about me, but, I believe in myself and my momma raised me to have confidence, and my brother, taught me how to fight, and i just feel good. And, also, you a bitch ass nigga

During S1 was in her early 20's, tops.
So she is literally a 30-Year-Old Boomer.
"Now the Golden Oaks library…
…that was a proper house, not like you get these days."

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You are my sunshine~

Twilight is a millennial probably

and Luster is a zoomer or Gen Alpha

Don't forget that Princess Twiggles 2.0 is probably in her 40s
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
@Background Pony #2E30
I'm banking on Gen-X.
And I'm saying that as someone who was born in the early 80's and apparently barely made the cut off for Gen-X…
But these damned generational labels are hard enough to pin point to anyone born in any year because apparently people can't make up their minds on any standard…
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Just think: In a few years, when Zoomers grow up, they're going to start acting like this toward Gen-Xers like me. Dear lord how horrifying a day that will be.