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Cellina has detected an Anon leg and has fallen madly in love with it.
This one goes out to all muh boys suffering from cold and flu season!

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Prometheus labs CEO
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This reminds of something I read a few hours ago, apparently there are macroscopic single-felled organisms

Caulerpa_taxifolia: a form of seaweed often used as a decorative aquarium plant. each “plant” is actually one colossal and highly complex single cell
Xenophyophores: these weird amoeba-like creatures that live on the ocean floor and feed of random debris, while also constructing a shell out of some of it. Can be up to 8 inch in diameter
Bubble algae: just these little 1-4 cm green orbs found in the ocean, each one a single cell
Artist -

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. it should be are but that's how the meme goes

Cells are actually mostly oxygen by mass and hydrogen by atoms, however, carbon makes up the majority of the dry mass.