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An update to >>2191044 , forgot to add the human reference.

A quick reference sheet for greens and art for the massive pony thread in /mlp/
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safe1614594 artist:cloudyglow2027 artist:deathnyan80 artist:eagle1division227 artist:geometrymathalgebra42 artist:mpnoir38 edit122999 edited screencap59206 screencap210658 cozy glow6707 derpy hooves48621 mayor mare3123 pinkie pie207367 rainbow dash223949 sphinx (character)886 tantabus451 alicorn205841 earth pony215579 pegasus256926 pony882238 sphinx1720 daring done?926 do princesses dream of magic sheep1106 equestria girls187391 friendship games12272 friendship is magic2634 the ending of the end2912 /mlp/9267 4chan6629 alicornified5004 analysis234 armor22319 background removed1272 bat wings7493 bell3968 bracket28 chaos cozy glow11 chaos magic81 chaos pinkie59 clothes425554 cozycorn616 derpysaur65 evil2690 female1285261 freckles26167 friendship games bloopers83 gauntlet305 giant demon alicorn cozy glow75 giant pony4335 greaves82 grogar's bell432 headdress502 height50 height scale37 helmet9893 horn51865 humans riding ponies590 macro10224 mare439051 open mouth129729 ponied up4929 ponk941 race swap13408 ribbon6616 riding5006 scarf21498 science1197 simple background360761 size chart256 size comparison655 size difference12831 slit eyes4166 smiling224339 spread wings49604 text53518 transparent background186898 vector72598 wings87481


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Ok, I understand that in the case of Cozy Glow, when she got the power of Discord she was in control because she was already evil and that's why Discord's magic didn't corrupt her, but Cozy Glow was very logical and manipulative, due to that she could not control the magic of Discord.

And in the case of Pinkie Pie, because obviously she was very illogical and "Out of context", so she could control Discord's power very well, unfortunately that didn't protect her mind from corruption … The same thing happened to Pinkie Pie in comic # 57, just like Sci-Twi (Twilight Sparkle) and Gloriosa Daisy from Equestria Girls.
Background Pony #4909
i'm sure the mane six are approx. 4 feet also any ideal how tall giant derpy is, as well as the sphinx, and chaos pinkie and giant demon alicorn cozycorn how tall that is?~ziltromon
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Monde de merde
The mirror portal's magic works on individuals, not artifacts like the Element of Magic or the Memory Stone.
Ockam's razor dictates that if Twilight's crown looks the same in both screencaps, then most likely it is the same.

In any case, this argument is pointless since it's already been established that >>1146871 is the accurate size comparison, and not >>1162182.