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Literally drew this a while back just to piss off a friend and before I even knew this contest was a thing, glad it became relevant for something
artist needed (23620)safe (1460609)applejack (150584)autumn blaze (2685)starlight glimmer (39327)earth pony (158636)kirin (5204)pony (725820)unicorn (216300)anatomically incorrect (3377)begging (772)crown (11425)dialogue (52446)female (787737)floppy ears (42276)incorrect leg anatomy (1669)jewelry (41143)kneeling (6616)mare (352339)miss universe (2)regalia (13201)sash (221)simple background (299781)smiling (188843)sweat (20516)white background (74801)


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19 comments posted
AJ Aficionado's avatar
AJ Aficionado
Applejack Aficionado
The best part about this image, at least for me, is I’m named after AJ and am neither beautiful or well-adjusted. Bless you AJ, keep outshining the rest of them!
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AC97's avatar
Starlight’s a powerful sorceress who got over fucking things up by using magic as a shortcut, not a miracle worker, lol.

(But yeah, where’s the spell? Lol)
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