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The "edit" tag is due to the original, having the eye colors inverted

Edit: Removed the "artist needed tag" as this is one of the leaked files, not an artist rendition.

Chaos cozy fla file:!lkQ1XSYB!vtQKS1jCpUEHkKwM_RFAbwJuqyDSq31CYZ_mIxl7Eb4
safe1616823 edit123153 cozy glow6726 alicorn206316 pony884630 the ending of the end2920 alicornified5008 armor22347 bat wings7589 chaos cozy glow11 chaos magic81 cozycorn618 evil2697 female1287046 freckles26235 gauntlet306 giant demon alicorn cozy glow75 giant pony4345 greaves82 helmet9901 horn52266 macro10240 mare439893 ponied up4930 race swap13421 ribbon6630 scarf21575 simple background361673 slit eyes4181 solo1004556 spread wings49697 tall alicorn25 transparent background187375 vector72803 wings87995


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Background Pony #824F
she looks sainham pumpkin king overlord of all ghouls , monsters, ghosts from real ghostbusters cartoon.