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safe1637119 artist:ericneomatrix5 artist:seniorpony49 applejack164371 fluttershy205414 pinkie pie209696 rainbow dash226318 rarity175741 starlight glimmer46434 twilight sparkle291439 alicorn210570 earth pony223121 pegasus264960 pony902462 unicorn294205 :i1493 :o3561 bipedal32457 book31956 c:1176 cake9376 comic104551 cute189304 female1303069 food65815 happy birthday mlp:fim1303 i'm so alone91 levitation11387 lonely552 looking at you156432 magic69624 mare448593 meme80175 meme origin399 mlp fim's ninth anniversary314 nerd884 on back23244 open mouth133054 simple background369974 smiling229688 subverted meme238 telekinesis26177 text54927 that pony sure does love books1102 twiabetes11088 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119818 upside down5257 white background91760


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