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Very fun design for Vanhoover's Halloween fun times! u this was a TON of fun to work on, loved giving it that tacky luau vibe, it almost feels like theyre already in the hotel having a spooky time!


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safe1554658 artist:cadetredshirt377 oc593114 earth pony190212 ghost2277 pegasus232175 pony825885 backdrop35 beach ball1279 beanie3192 cardboard cutout225 clothes400557 female878733 flashlight (object)471 flower21631 food59296 ghost story16 halloween6795 hat74558 hawaiian45 hawaiian flower in hair74 holiday15686 jack-o-lantern2010 lantern1351 luau14 male298785 palm tree1059 pineapple374 pumpkin3452 sitting53733 smiling209636 tree26845 two toned mane850 two toned tail187 vanhoover35 vanhoover pony expo 20209 wings71800


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