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Autumn Blaze's Kirin cowboy impression is so offensive to Applejack that her stomach ulcer practically explodes and she is unable to tell Autumn to stop yeehaw-ing so much
safe1614266 artist:jargon scott2196 applejack162474 autumn blaze3506 earth pony215468 kirin7410 pony881794 .3571 applejack is not amused609 bandolier104 belt4927 belt buckle244 bipedal31669 chaps495 chibi13453 clothes425404 cowboy193 cowboy hat14035 cute186032 dexterous hooves585 dialogue60918 fangs22780 female1284951 frown21821 glare8052 gun15048 handgun2508 hat79433 head1488 holster389 hoof hold7628 horseshoes2060 jacket11348 looking at you152321 mare438970 no pupils3647 no trigger discipline273 open mouth129677 raised leg7055 revolver1516 simple background360618 smiling224260 spurs103 text53497 unamused14607 wat18630 white background90188


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Background Pony #34E9
>wearing spurs
>presumably so that she can ride another poni

I chuckled.

Also, tagged ".357?" The calibers of the revolvers are known? I mean they could be, I suppose.

Also, I thought the meme was from /k/ and based on one of the marketing slogans from a USAian restaurant chain that calls itself by the implausible name of "International House of Pancakes." One of their breakfasts is called the "Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity Pancake Platter."
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