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Commissioned by sixpathspony.

I also would like to thank commissioner-y for letting me use his model of Spike for this picture
safe (1486715) artist:danmakuman (1038) humdrum (411) masked matter-horn (752) radiance (746) rarity (162484) spike (70863) starlight glimmer (40360) twilight sparkle (269690) human (135920) commission (43991) evil starlight (40) female (811295) humanized (90297) male (276327) power ponies (2506) staff (2550) staff of sameness (613) superhero (1092)


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Background Pony #79F5
Shouldn't Starlight be "The Red Manance" instead? Which is the rival of the power ponies.
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I`m suspisious to them
This will end in his death. Hopefully, He can fight with his nice juice and conquer the evil starlight by pinch her nipples.