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Rarity Wallpaper [16:9 Mode] [for LCD/LED HD & FHD with 16:9 Aspect Ratio]
[Using the vectors to Make a wallpaper compilation about EG Character and will posting to "MLP of The Week" in Facebook]

Mode [4:3]: 2187975
Mobile Phone Mode: 2188003

Original Credit Vector Added in The Tags ["artist:—original artist name—"]
EG Wallpaper Compilation by iSuperSonic95
App used: "Macromedia Fireworks 8" [PC-Windows]
safe1638736 artist:estories2492 artist:katequantum96 artist:marcorois437 artist:rarespirit61120 artist:sugar-loop317 artist:thebarsection136 artist:whalepornoz172 artist:whiteroze304 rarity175880 pony904437 unicorn295207 do it for the ponygram!390 equestria girls191056 equestria girls series30955 forgotten friendship5096 player piano152 rainbow rocks17872 the other side474 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13059 boots20501 clothes435372 cute189572 cutie mark44094 dress42200 female1304571 generosity106 geode of shielding1929 guitar4668 high heels10329 keytar340 looking at you156676 magical geodes7959 mare449457 miniskirt4880 musical instrument8851 open mouth133333 ponied up4982 sexy27411 shoes33533 skirt37715 super ponied up560 vector74127 wallpaper18230


not provided yet


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Background Pony #FD22
But,It Veteran Day on Tomorrow are you sure that you can get it for Fulttershy and Princess Twilight Sparkle by Veterans Day for me
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Background Pony #3D13
Wait! Princess Twilight Sparkle and Fulttershy Equestria Girls Wallpaper On Next Monday! Okay Then! I'll Wait for it to Come
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