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Name: Friendship Always Wins [S08/E02] [Audio-Only]
System: Sega Master System / Game Gear [PSG]
App: MOD2PSG2 [PC-Windows]
Tracks by iSuperSonic95 ["iSS95 Media" on Youtube] inspired the any mlp tracks & mlp synthesia music.

—-NES Cover Version >>> 2186731

—-Download This Song [Mp3 & Original File] >>> Mediafire
—-[Another Mlp Song & Misc 8-Bit Project] >>> Mediafire
—-Older Versions [Derpibooru] >>> 1838697 [01]
—-Youtube Mode in This Song >> Here
—-Youtube >> [MLP Tribute 8-Bit & 16-Bits Playlist Compilation]
safe1639685 artist:isupersonic9531 gallus6351 ocellus4990 sandbar5184 silverstream5806 smolder7387 yona4834 changeling44147 dragon52208 earth pony224239 griffon25601 pony905345 seapony (g4)3934 yak4334 school daze2702 8-bit311 animated95291 chiptune36 friendship always wins41 music2688 open mouth133522 school of friendship1184 seapony silverstream286 sega game gear42 sega master system30 sound8014 sound only122 twilight's castle3652 webm11875


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