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safe1614856 artist:tjpones3391 applejack162523 fluttershy202915 pinkie pie207382 rainbow dash223971 rarity173685 starlight glimmer45592 twilight sparkle288184 alicorn205893 earth pony215664 pegasus257002 pony882468 unicorn284908 the last problem5016 big crown thingy 2.036 female1285465 mane six30365 older24327 older applejack639 older fluttershy609 older mane six315 older pinkie pie604 older rainbow dash690 older rarity612 older starlight glimmer146 older twilight1335 one of these things is not like the others218 princess twilight 2.01985 simple background360888 smol537 squatpony275 the tables have turned76 twiggie342 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118329 white background90245 woonoggles629


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Background Pony #E149
Regardless of the somewhat dark implications of her immortality with everything we have on canon alicorns alone without speculation… , I still enjoy seeing her in this state and find it interesting and funny for her to be in this state of elder/big good character.
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Background Pony #AC99
TJ, I know what is the difference between lineart and lineart, and not your lines are the "bad" in my view. I hope you take calm that people think different, and seek different things in art too. :)
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