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safe1784716 screencap232886 princess celestia97822 princess luna101987 twilight sparkle310224 alicorn238936 bird9380 butterfly7473 hummingbird174 pony1084741 the last problem6276 alternate hairstyle29745 balcony1483 canterlot castle2316 clothes488495 coronation dress742 dress47057 embarrassed11963 ethereal mane8841 flowing mane2169 folded wings7490 frown24330 grin42891 hoof shoes6073 how embarrassing23 legs9051 raised eyebrow6820 raised hoof50193 second coronation dress239 sheepish grin352 smiling272295 this will end in embarrassment6 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127928 wings130763


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