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"Hey girls!"
"Hey Applebloom!" Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo called as their friend came bouncing out of her house.
Wait… bouncing?
As she came across the yard, her two friends saw that Applebloom's shirt was stretched out in front of her.
It was almost as if it was being distended by two enormous…
"What happened to your chest?!" Sweetie Belle cried.
"Those can't be real." Scootaloo muttered in disbelief.
Taking up the entirety of Applebloom's upper torso were a pair of the biggest breasts either of the two girls had ever seen.
The busty girl turned a bit bashful.
"That's right, you haven't seen 'em yet. No, their real. They grew in over the break."
"Are you kidding me?" Sweetie Belle stammered, "That's only been three weeks!"
"I know." Applebloom tried, and failed, to fold her arms.
Her boobs were simply too big and plump so she rested her hands on her hips, which Scootaloo noted were a bit wider as well.
"Applejack says that we always get our boobs in first."
"Who's we?" Scootaloo asked, still shocked by her friends soccer ball sized knockers.
She could easily see a plump set of nipples poking out through the thin fabric of her friend's overstretched shirt.
"All the women in the Apple family. First these grow," she put a hand under each melon and lifted them a little, "And then the rest of us grows."
That took Sweetie and Scootaloo by surprise.
Applebloom's older sister, Apple Jack, was a veritable amazon.
And while they knew that it was possible that the little sister might inherit that size it never seemed like a real possibility.
Until now.
Sweetie Belle noticed Applebloom's taught nipples.
"Are you not wearing a bra?"
"No point 'till they stop growing so fast."
"You mean they're still growing?" Sweetie asked.
"Of course! They've been tender all morning which means that they're about to… Ah!"
Applebloom doubled over and clutched her bosom.
"What's wrong!" her friends asked.
"They're… just… havin' another growth spurt…Uh!"


Super busty Applebloom edit from /trash/.
suggestive135272 edit125660 edited screencap60797 screencap213688 apple bloom48000 equestria girls191061 equestria girls series30958 holidays unwrapped1647 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13059 apple bloom's bow1185 areola15959 areola outline195 big breasts75918 bow26534 breast edit1888 breasts260622 busty apple bloom1624 cleavage32853 clothes435380 cropped47331 erect nipples9615 female1304591 hair bow14478 huge breasts35468 implied breast expansion122 nipple outline6856 older24886 older apple bloom1916 see-through4855 solo1019609 solo female173925 story included8537 teenager4424


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If the editor keeps on making Apple Blooms boobs bigger
well… it won't look pretty I'll say ':(
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