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Combination of: >>2185361 >>2178343 >>2177397

Gallus: Ugh, what now?

Smolder: Hey Gallus, nice dress.

Gallus: For the last time, Smolder, it's a nightgown.

Silverstream: You guys, check out my jammies!! They have stairs on them!!

Sandbar: You guys woke me up for this?!

Silverstream: *smiles*

Yona: *whimper*

Silverstream: Yona, why are you shaking?

Yona: Yona need to go to bathroom, but changeling not want to get of Yona.

Ocellus: *sleeptalking* …Pharynx… Can we go home? I wanna study…

Gallus: Don't worry, I got this.

Sandbar: Gallus, wait, is that an airhorn?!

Gallus: *pokes Ocellus with airhorn* Hey Ocellus, wake up.

Ocellus: *snores* Huh, what? *looks around* Was I talking in my sleep again?

Gallus: Well—


Gallus: AGH!!

Ocellus: *falls* OOF!!

Silverstream: You OK, Ocellus?

Ocellus: What's up with Yona?

Smolder: I told her drinking that slushie so close to bedtime would be a bad idea.

Sandbar: No you didn't—

Smolder: Hush, turtlepants.

Gallus: Well, I don't know about you but I'm going back to bed before I get run over by Yona again.
safe (1500444) artist:gd_inuk (79) gallus (5106) ocellus (4068) sandbar (4235) silverstream (4788) smolder (5788) thorax (3798) yona (4096) changedling (6580) changeling (36227) classical hippogriff (4145) dragon (43468) earth pony (172007) griffon (22908) hippogriff (7485) pony (777692) yak (3477) bathrobe (1173) blank eyes (309) blue background (3431) bow (21706) clothes (381286) dragoness (5978) duo (43424) empty eyes (480) eyes closed (73588) female (824520) gallus is not amused (102) hair bow (11725) hat (70521) jewelry (43905) king thorax (2428) lineless (3326) looking at each other (14319) male (281470) messy mane (6270) monkey swings (1107) necklace (13453) nightcap (452) nightgown (1207) no mouth (430) no pupils (3077) one eye closed (22643) one hoof raised (732) pajamas (2721) plushie (20710) robe (2699) simple background (315617) sleeping (20338) smiling (197052) stairs (1375) story included (6975) student six (1322) stylized (127) that hippogriff sure does love stairs (187) tired (2630) unamused (12283)


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