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Also recommend far watching of Twilight with rainbow wings -
safe1948966 artist:dashiesparkle1491 artist:kyodashiro86 artist:light262605 cozy glow8685 lord tirek5779 princess celestia104265 princess luna108411 queen chrysalis38744 starlight glimmer54775 sunset shimmer71652 trixie74060 twilight sparkle330339 alicorn270283 centaur4073 changeling57673 changeling queen20823 pegasus396402 pony1299002 unicorn435452 the ending of the end3472 bell5516 book38847 cellphone6091 cobble glow28 crown24318 female1582140 filly83162 former queen chrysalis334 glowing horn24818 grogar's bell521 horn113049 jewelry88966 legion of doom statue115 magic85301 mare605704 nose piercing3442 nose ring2619 petrification1102 phone9725 piercing52411 regalia29002 selfie4198 septum piercing1120 spread wings73399 statue2772 telekinesis33565 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137444 wings169725


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Live from the hive
Well, at least they didn’t forget about the villains.
Hopefully Twilight is working on something to help them.
I’m surprised Discord isn’t there as well.