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The Apple Family! This is an edited screenshot and my version of the MLP finale and the kids.

Big Mac and Sugar Belle married first, having three children: Cinnamon Crumble, Red Delicious, and Orange Pippin Applebutter. (Purple colt, red unicorn colt, pink filly)

Applejack is introducing Luster Dawn to her children, and her wife Cheerilee. Applejack has one child from a previous marriage with Rarity, Ambrosia. Cheerilee and AJ also have Bobbin ' Apples and Paradise Punch. (Blonde unicorn, orange filly, pink foal)

Last but not least, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom with their twin boys, Huckleberry Blazer and Buckaroo Branches. (Orange pegasus colt, orange earth colt)

Cheerilee vector — PrismaticStars
Apple Bloom and Scootaloo vector — sebaslovetwilight
Winona vector — SketchMCreations
safe1617704 artist:prismaticstars173 artist:sebaslovetwilight5 artist:sketchmcreations1611 artist:unoriginai778 edit123205 edited screencap59283 screencap211023 apple bloom47540 applejack162784 big macintosh27107 cheerilee9543 little mac82 luster dawn1272 scootaloo49671 sugar belle2888 winona2462 oc628573 oc:ambrosia209 oc:bobbin' apples1 oc:buckaroo6 oc:huckleberry blazer1 oc:orange pippin applebutter2 oc:paradise punch1 oc:red delicious7 earth pony216681 pegasus258019 pony885350 unicorn286047 the last problem5053 alternate hairstyle25741 alternate timeline2767 baby9911 baby pony6209 blushing182920 cheerijack14 colored ears122 colt13781 cute186607 female1287718 filly61744 flying35640 hoof polish399 lesbian91959 magical lesbian spawn10850 male344527 offspring35458 parent:apple bloom644 parent:applejack3505 parent:big macintosh2803 parent:cheerilee380 parent:rarity3751 parent:scootaloo723 parent:sugar belle341 parents:cheerijack8 parents:rarijack365 parents:scootabloom26 parents:sugarmac216 scootabloom257 shipping188630 straight128038 sugarmac709


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