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The Apple Family! This is an edited screenshot and my version of the MLP finale and the kids.

Big Mac and Sugar Belle married first, having three children: Cinnamon Crumble, Red Delicious, and Orange Pippin Applebutter. (Purple colt, red unicorn colt, pink filly)

Applejack is introducing Luster Dawn to her children, and her wife Cheerilee. Applejack has one child from a previous marriage with Rarity, Ambrosia. Cheerilee and AJ also have Bobbin ’ Apples and Paradise Punch. (Blonde unicorn, orange filly, pink foal)

Last but not least, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom with their twin boys, Huckleberry Blazer and Buckaroo Branches. (Orange pegasus colt, orange earth colt)

Cheerilee vector – PrismaticStars
Apple Bloom and Scootaloo vector – sebaslovetwilight
Winona vector – SketchMCreations
safe (1459442)artist:prismaticstars (168)artist:sebaslovetwilight (5)artist:sketchmcreations (1425)artist:unoriginai (649)edit (103070)edited screencap (46767)screencap (180188)apple bloom (44400)applejack (150516)big macintosh (25632)cheerilee (8953)little mac (character) (23)luster dawn (461)scootaloo (47295)sugar belle (2456)winona (2325)oc (540527)oc:ambrosia (194)oc:bobbin' apples (1)oc:buckaroo (4)oc:huckleberry blazer (1)oc:orange pippin applebutter (2)oc:paradise punch (1)oc:red delicious (5)earth pony (158191)pegasus (198181)pony (724592)unicorn (215740)the last problem (2531)spoiler:s09e26 (2595)alternate hairstyle (21795)alternate timeline (2501)baby (7838)baby pony (5510)blushing (158231)cheerijack (5)colored ears (86)colt (11723)cute (154172)female (786470)filly (52394)flying (30687)hoof polish (257)lesbian (84208)magical lesbian spawn (8690)male (267331)offspring (29494)parent:apple bloom (560)parent:applejack (2833)parent:big macintosh (2192)parent:cheerilee (316)parent:rarity (3102)parents:cheerijack (1)parent:scootaloo (676)parents:rarijack (304)parents:scootabloom (24)parents:sugarmac (170)parent:sugar belle (265)scootabloom (226)shipping (168559)straight (111877)sugarmac (595)


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