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Characters belong to Equestria Girls & Hasbro
Story by THE AE TEAM
Art by Atariboy2600
safe (1484729) artist:atariboy2600 (187) artist:bluecarnationstudios (147) applejack (152400) rarity (162317) human (135766) mouse (986) comic:the amazonian effect iii (69) equestria girls (167348) applejacked (909) biting (2990) breasts (216530) busty applejack (6995) busty rarity (9939) comic (94223) dialogue (53914) muscles (8630) speech bubble (18152) this will not end well (1171)


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8 comments posted

1.-Applejack has more muscle? Is it a serum side effect because she was the strongest in the group?

2.-I wonder if AJ and Rarity will discover the result of the Sunset and Twilights experiment.

3.-It's Rarity's turn now (:D).

I remember that Rarity is someone who works with a lot of tension and stress or who gets too excited when she works … what could go wrong?
Background Pony #4AB3
Rarity sees a sale, fights with another girl for an item, gets mad…
Can't wait to see Rarity buff out!
Background Pony #2006
Right, because being bitten by a mouse feels exactly like being scratched by a key.