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Characters belong to Equestria Girls & Hasbro
Story by THE AE TEAM
Art by Atariboy2600
safe1639292 artist:atariboy2600249 artist:bluecarnationstudios179 applejack164561 rarity175931 human148617 mouse1147 comic:the amazonian effect191 comic:the amazonian effect iii96 equestria girls191135 applejacked1122 biting3516 breasts260832 busty applejack9837 busty rarity11974 comic104697 dialogue62030 muscles11014 speech bubble21698 this will not end well1529


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1.-Applejack has more muscle? Is it a serum side effect because she was the strongest in the group?

2.-I wonder if AJ and Rarity will discover the result of the Sunset and Twilights experiment.

3.-It's Rarity's turn now (:D).

I remember that Rarity is someone who works with a lot of tension and stress or who gets too excited when she works … what could go wrong?
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Background Pony #E2D7
Rarity sees a sale, fights with another girl for an item, gets mad…
Can't wait to see Rarity buff out!
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Background Pony #8D3B
Right, because being bitten by a mouse feels exactly like being scratched by a key.
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