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safe (1447066)artist:jargon scott (1779)princess celestia (84491)alicorn (167878)semi-anthro (9737)clothes (362288)female (776502)imminent shirt ripping (1)john cena (104)mare (345590)muscles (8317)muscular female (401)playing with fire (11)princess musclestia (108)role reversal (1201)shirt (17572)simple background (295798)solo (887719)the tables have turned (59)t-shirt (2771)white background (73685)


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I'm ready, depression.
I like Celestia’s plain orange shirt. A simple solid color. Logos and art on shirts can fade, so it’s a smart choice.
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Does this means that in Equestria every department store has a large portion of the girls toys aisle dedicated to wrestling?
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