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drawn by hand

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day

Tadaa!! My ships!
I told y'all I would ship them. I drew them in their pony forms 'cause it was easyest to draw in a small amount of time.
my ships are:

Sonic X Rainbow Dash

Knuckles X Applejack

Silver X Pinkie Pie

Vector X Vinyl Scratch

Espio X Rarity

Flash Sentry X Twilight Sparkle
(Equestria version, not Equestria girls!!)

(And my all time favorite)

Shadow X Fluttershy

Please note that these are my opinions, and I still enjoy other pairings for these characters.

fave and comment!

the Mega Evolved Weirdo
safe (1487249) artist:spqr21 (31) applejack (152571) dj pon-3 (27277) flash sentry (11433) fluttershy (190032) pinkie pie (194930) rainbow dash (209951) rarity (162516) twilight sparkle (269761) vinyl scratch (31376) alicorn (175941) earth pony (167492) pegasus (207716) pony (765630) unicorn (227508) :p (6247) crossover (54372) espio the chameleon (41) female (811770) headphones (6210) knuckles the echidna (458) lineart (17001) male (276500) mane six (27564) mare (366809) music notes (2650) ponified (36077) shadow the hedgehog (845) silver the hedgehog (263) sonic the hedgehog (2764) sonic the hedgehog (series) (6747) stallion (80651) sunglasses (11989) tongue out (81070) traditional art (102349) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (107433) vector the crocodile (60)


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