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Me, Yoshi, Pinkie pie and Unikitty are all getting the wedding ready for BJ and Christine! Yoshi’s getting the blanket up, I’m decorating the place with pretty flowers, Pinkie pie’s checking on the cake and Unikitty is checking her check list!
safe (1460355)artist:cuteyoshilover (21)pinkie pie (192355)oc (541074)oc:cuteyoshilover (1)earth pony (158559)inkling (136)pony (725577)unicorn (216213)yoshi (301)3d (53149)gmod (6505)lego (1769)non-mlp oc (2450)ponified (35583)splatoon (318)super mario bros. (3266)the lego movie (704)unikitty (416)


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