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Volunteering work is difficult

With limited vision you have, you grabbed a handful of candy you have in your bowl before proceeding on dropping them into the children’s pumpkin baskets. Each dressed in their own costumes especially made for tonight’s Halloween event.

Not even bothering to thank you for the hassle (They were children, after all), the group ran off to another volunteer member nearby, no doubt looking for more candies to be added into their respective stashes.

You let out a weary sigh as you adjusted your costume’s headpiece. You knew this volunteer work was going to be troublesome. However, what you didn’t take into account was the fact that you’ll be doing said work while wearing the school’s official mascot costume.

Not only was the costume uncomfortable and stuffy for wear, you can barely see or hear anyone in your surroundings, which was proven to be a major issue throughout whole the night.

You broke out of your stupor when you felt someone tap your shoulder from behind. It was your girlfriend, Sunset Shimmer, whom also participated in the volunteer work alongside you. She wasn’t as unfortunate as you however and was given a rather cute and more comfortable witch catgirl costume to wear.

“Hey, you alright in there?” Sunset inquired out of concern. “You’re not dying inside that costume, are you?”

Realizing that any means of verbal communication was meaningless so as long as you were inside the costume, you merely shook your head and gave a thumbs up. Being inside the costume was bad but it wasn’t anything life-threatening or anything. Worse for the worse, you can probably hold out until your shift ends and the next lucky victim takes over your role.

Sunset frowned but didn’t press the subject any further. “Ok, but don’t push yourself too hard. That costume you’re wearing isn’t exactly made with comfort in mind.” She reminded. “I’ll be at the cafeteria area inside helping out the food catering group. Just give me a call if you need anything.”

You find yourself sighing once more as you watched her leave. As grateful as you were to have such a caring girlfriend by your side, there were times where you wished she’d stopped treating you like a child.
safe1679416 artist:dragonemperror2810112 sunset shimmer61855 human151945 equestria girls196655 anime5278 bell4347 bell collar2245 belt5295 breasts270376 busty sunset shimmer5305 catgirl334 cleavage33759 clothes449818 collar32238 costume26982 cute195751 fake tail124 female1338772 halloween8174 halloween costume1705 happy30473 hat84588 looking at you163622 miniskirt4947 one eye closed29561 open mouth140511 skirt38897 smiling241033 socks64837 solo1045544 story included8807 striped socks21056 thigh highs35074 wink24122 witch hat2966


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