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Re-upload of >>2184401 (merged) in the original highres png format.  
Go to the source link to see a complete list of things in this image, because there’s no way I’m going to tag all that yay.
safe1920049 artist:godofdarness181 apple bloom55243 bon bon17619 carrot top5834 firecracker burst90 fizzypop61 fluttershy233279 golden harvest5834 gusty592 lemon hearts2380 lyra heartstrings31725 octavia melody25639 pepperdance36 photo finish2818 pinkie pie234560 pound cake2771 princess cadance36022 princess celestia103203 princess luna107289 pumpkin cake2521 rainbow dash254926 rarity199317 scootaloo54597 sweetie belle52462 sweetie drops17619 zecora10236 aerodactyl11 alakazam21 angel1273 bird10914 blastoise36 carp8 chao106 charizard188 chocobo55 dinosaur1143 dragon68532 eevee536 emolga19 empoleon7 enderman127 espeon125 fairy1224 fawn125 fennekin60 fish3142 flamingo140 flareon108 fletchling16 florges4 fox2241 froakie29 frog810 frogadier2 gabumon12 gardevoir136 gastly23 gatomon37 genesect6 gengar51 ghost3221 glaceon128 gloom9 gnome52 golbat11 golem221 gomamon7 goodra62 goomba104 goomy19 greninja38 greymon4 grotle2 grovyle6 grundle15 gyarados25 haunter33 hawlucha12 igglybuff6 infernape7 ivysaur24 jellyfish248 jigglypuff104 jirachi15 jolteon102 jynx9 kadabra7 kakuna9 keldeo233 kirlia16 koi73 koopa troopa46 leafeon76 lickitung12 litwick12 lizard441 llama161 lotad5 lucario187 luma74 magikarp57 manaphy10 mareep22 marowak16 meloetta22 mesprit10 metalgreymon4 metapod10 metroid (species)40 mewtwo113 mink24 moltres29 monferno2 moogle36 mooshroom6 mouse1430 mudkip55 munna9 musharna5 ocelot19 octopus513 octorok3 oddish14 omanyte22 oshawott24 pachirisu14 palmon5 parasect4 parrot563 patamon11 pelipper4 pichu47 pig873 pikachu933 pikmin83 piplup50 politoed4 poliwag10 porygon10 puffball451 quilladin3 raichu57 ralts12 rat388 renamon178 reptile438 riolu30 robot9107 roggenrola1 scizor6 snake3312 squid158 tyrannosaurus rex277 venusaur30 wolf2327 worm508 xerneas40 yoshi387 yveltal22 zapdos30 zora20 zubat28 zygarde11 g116213 ? block95 adventure time1505 alcohol8532 alice in wonderland562 androtchi1 angry birds188 animal crossing797 anna281 apple18522 apple (company)178 apple juice269 aria forme2 armor26740 arrow2520 avatar the last airbender544 axe1893 baby bottle852 baby yoshi7 back to the future430 badge1665 ball4823 barely pony related6645 battery179 beads376 bean39 bedtime bear7 bell5372 berry250 black yoshi4 bleach (manga)366 blue yoshi2 book38156 boomerang68 boots27170 bottle4945 bowling pin121 breastplate82 brown yoshi2 bucket2784 burger2215 burger king96 burgertime3 button1014 cake11136 call of duty555 candle5696 candy8088 cane731 cap5602 cape12336 care bears230 cartoon network412 castlevania350 cave story46 chaos emerald138 cheer bear29 chestplate178 chocolate3836 christmas16583 christmas lights2129 clothes540435 clothes hanger109 cloud36381 cloudy6359 clover554 clown car3 coffee4417 coin790 congo6 contra29 controller2702 cookie4285 coronet (headwear)3 crash bandicoot246 cross890 crossover67786 crown23340 crystal3222 cupcake6158 cursor179 cut the rope4 cutie mark51901 dagger577 dalek293 dance dance revolution157 danganronpa338 danganronpa 278 dango34 darknut4 death note320 demoman548 despicable me121 diamond917 dig dug20 digimon771 digivice12 doctor who3765 dualshock controller99 e17 e.v.e.1 earth1265 earth badge1 earthbender6 earthbound257 echo18 echoing howl1 eclair120 eclipse634 ed154 ed edd n eddy850 edd113 eddy134 eduardo10 eek22 egg4683 egg block1 eggplant171 eggplant wizard1 egypt167 electronic arts26 element21 element of generosity1125 element of honesty1109 element of kindness1262 element of laughter1122 element of loyalty1304 element of magic2851 elements of harmony2655 elixir9 elmo45 elsa551 email45 ember seed1 emerald78 emerald ring1 emoji1171 emoticon540 ender pearl3 energy drink339 energy sword64 england208 enlightened9 equius zahhak92 eraser257 eridan ampora73 erinite1 ermac20 err8 estonia41 eternal moon article1 eternal spirit1 ethan2 ether2 etsy131 euro sign1 evanescence45 eve hypo1 excitebike2 exclamation point4700 exit24 eye1898 eye drops5 eye of horus54 eye of providence28 eye of sauron37 eyegore1 ezio auditore53 f87 f(x)1 face key1 facebook1268 facial hair7730 fairy badge1 fairy energy1 fairy tail162 fairy tail guild1 fairy type1 faith14 falling in reverse11 family guy641 fantastic dizzy1 fantastic four65 fantasy zone6 far music disc1 farore9 fast ball1 fast forward3 fear1186 feather7187 feather badge1 feferi peixes34 feldspar1 felvine1 female1555178 female toilet sign1 fen badge1 ferrari198 fertile soil1 fever58 fiat27 fierce deity's mask1 fifa world cup trophy1 fighter294 fighter's sword1 fighting type1 figure skating34 file not found2 fill with color1 fim logo121 final fantasy1382 final fantasy tactics advance13 finland157 finn the human302 fire13151 fire arrow2 fire bro.1 fire flower39 fire herb1 fire rod3 fire sale power-up1 fire shield1 fire stingray1 fire stone3 fire type3 fireball195 firebender5 firefly (series)54 firemaking skill1 fireworks2268 first aid kit165 fishbone1 fisting325 five nights at freddy's2023 fix-it felix jr.99 fixed tuni nut1 flabebe1 flag4715 flame princess53 flan109 flandre scarlet82 flappy bird28 flask431 flcl78 fleur-de-lis (symbol)16 flippers37 flippers (gear)236 floppy disk80 florette1 florida129 flounder33 flower31327 flower cookie1 flowertchi1 flowey140 fluffy16240 fluorite4 flute229 flute boy1 fly guy6 flying rooster1 flying type3 fog badge1 foie1 food83862 foongus1 football1778 ford419 foreman pig2 forest badge1 forest medallion1 fork1047 fortress35 fortune teller81 fossil64 four leaf clover413 foxy280 france417 frankenstein's monster247 frappuccino42 freeze badge1 french fries646 fried egg53 fried rice4 friend ball3 friend bear7 frog costume31 frogger6 frozen (movie)813 fruit drink1 fryguy2 fudgesical1 fujio1 full moon cello1 fullmetal alchemist323 fume-shroom1 fun ghoul gun1 funhaus8 funny man10 funshine bear16 furi7 furikotchi1 futabatchi1 fygar2 g7 gabon2 gaikotchi1 galactic empire41 gale seed1 gambia2 game boy335 game boy color22 game center1 game of thrones440 gamecube142 gamecube controller76 gamzee makara92 gandalf the grey25 gankotchi1 ganon41 garnet32 garnet (steven universe)177 garnet ring1 garo's mask1 garrison2 gatten abukotchi1 gay pride flag493 gears of war60 gel11 gem7597 gemini114 general grievous60 genie's lamp2 genjin galtchi1 genjintchi1 geno15 george28 georgia27 germany695 getatchi1 ghana6 ghast17 ghast tear1 ghastly doll1 ghost house2 ghost jr1 ghost shroom1 ghost type1 ghost's eyes1 ghostbusters367 giant bat12 giant's mask1 gibdo1 gibdo's mask1 gift of time1 giggles35 ginger90 gingerbread house70 ginjirotchi1 giorgio armani2 giraffey1 glacier badge1 glass5631 glasstchi1 glowstone dust1 gmail12 goby9 godzilla (series)1756 goggles16086 gold1400 gold coronet1 gold medal31 golden apple71 golden bonnie1 golden freddy95 golden mushroom6 golden sword1 golden tooth6 golf ball26 golgari swarm1 goma dango1 good luck bear6 good works1 google378 google chrome365 google hangouts4 google maps25 google plus8 goomba's shoe13 goonie1 goriya1 goro4 gorogorotchi1 goron5 goronade1 gosutchi1 gotchi1 gothita4 gourmetchi1 gozarutchi1 graceful dahlia1 gracidea4 graduation cap330 grapefruit28 grapes531 grass12050 grass type2 gravestone1003 gravity falls1494 great ball11 great fairy4 great wall of tags11 greaves101 greedo9 green lantern394 green lantern (comic)88 green light of willpower1 green panther1 green pepper2