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Happy Halloween!
suggestive134828 artist:neongothic205 applejack164253 fluttershy205263 pinkie pie209548 rainbow dash226201 rarity175618 sci-twi22902 spike76525 spike the regular dog2425 sunset shimmer59851 twilight sparkle291232 dog8980 mermaid1887 equestria girls190519 amplejack143 animal costume1906 applefat522 applelion293 bbw4118 belly26599 belly button72524 big belly10004 big breasts75591 breasts259808 clothes434063 costume26333 daring do costume61 fat20996 fattershy1115 food65718 ghost costume58 halloween8085 halloween costume1674 high res24005 holiday18930 humane five3078 humane seven2300 humane six2936 mermarity254 morbidly obese7368 obese10897 piggy pie650 pinkie puffs176 pizza1824 pudgy pie1458 rainblob dash765 raritubby981 slobset shimmer223 soda1487 ssbbw1603 sunset's apartment327 weight gain3917


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Background Pony #3163
Oh yeah, as much as I love dragon Spike, dog Spike is much easier to forget. I’d love to see him get affected by the magic fattening too.
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Melody Breeze

I love Sunset
Nice costumes and bellies to. Sunset and Rarity look amazing just the sight of them is such bliss. I see Twilight is hungry for some pizza. Dash and AJ are really cute. Fluttershy being a ghost makes perfect sense. This turned out really well great job!
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