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Silverstream: Gallus! That wasn’t funny! Coming as a Zombie Storm King is just mean! *pouts*
Gallus: Myeh. I scared you so I won. Is that kelp in your mane?
Silverstream: Yuh-huh! it seemed the easiest thing to finish off my appearance as the evil queen of the changelings.
Ocellus: Close enough. The horn was spot on Silver!
Gallus: That brings me onto you. Who on earth is scared of Princess Luna?
Smolder: Myeh. Dragons aren’t scared of anything. We’d go claw to claw with a hydra. But how do you fight your dreams? It’s unnerving!
Sandbar: I guess so. So you’re a dog Yona?
Yona: Yes! Yak is best dog. Griffon hates dogs! He keeps jumping into sky to avoid them
Gallus: Hmph. I do not!
Silverstream: You so do! You even make a little squeal.
Smolder: So Sandbar is Timberwolf?
Sandbar: Yup. Yona doesn’t like ‘em. Something about the creaking they make in the darkness. And you’re… a bat…
Smolder: a VAMPIRE bat!
Sandbar: Well you can just stay up there. Away from me. All night.

safe2114150 artist:sintakhra993 gallus8887 ocellus6684 princess luna114611 queen chrysalis41213 sandbar6718 silverstream7586 smolder10941 storm king1436 yona6333 changedling11166 changeling63770 classical hippogriff6311 dragon80885 griffon35639 hippogriff13221 pony1474887 yak6140 tumblr:studentsix630 my little pony: the movie21209 antagonist2342 clothes609996 costume38077 cute256429 derp8170 dialogue88737 diaocelles1209 diastreamies1360 eyes closed133366 gallabetes991 laughing10641 nightmare night costume2286 sandabetes819 scared13784 shrunken pupils5118 smolderbetes1513 student six2061 timber wolf costume4 yonadorable956


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Well, that’s true. And I have read of some incredibly timid lions that were scared by having a blanket fall on their face as they chased a man up a tree, so you got me.
EDIT; Just to be clear I wasn’t saying I disliked this. I enjoy these pictures you draw. I just had a brief ‘what the heck’ moment over Gallus’ phobia.
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Student Six
Humans can be really scared of tiny insects. Who’s to say that a Lions greatest fear isn’t really the insistent and loving yapping of a cocker spaniel?
Background Pony Number 17
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Gallus dressed as something Silverstream is afraid of.  
Silverstream dressed as something Ocellus is afraid of.  
Ocellus dressed as something Smolder is afraid of.  
Smolder dressed as something Sandbar is afraid of.  
Sandbar dressed as something Yona is afraid of.  
Yona dressed as something Gallus is afraid of.
Nice, complete circle. They plan it this way?