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safe2114883 artist:bobthedalek1067 gameloft7403 starlight glimmer58494 pony1475529 unicorn511052 g41381899 bucket3130 cape14021 clothes610396 costume38094 cute256566 female1736587 glimmerbetes4704 halloween12996 halloween costume3448 hat119203 holiday31965 implied sunburst160 jack-o-lantern3607 messy mane10309 nightmare night6072 pumpkin6881 pumpkin bucket1031 socks91061 solo1379351 trick or treat630 trotting1859 wizard hat1214


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Background Pony #5508
I think she might have one of his old robes given the patch. His beard and mane can be sloppy, but I don’t remember him having patches on his robe.