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A picture for Nightmare Night of all Lunas because she’s best princess <3
safe (1447061)artist:imalou (401)nightmare moon (15168)princess luna (88783)alicorn (167879)pony (714849)ethereal mane (4866)fangs (18154)female (776497)group (2484)looking at each other (12987)lunar trinity (102)mare (345586)open mouth (106264)s1 luna (6456)self ponidox (6353)simple background (295798)triality (142)trio (6148)


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Background Pony #4B2A
Beautiful, Luna is my favorite princess! Like I said in many other of Imalou’s pictures here before, if Imalou really is the character designer of the G5 movie, I hope the style looks like a CGI version of this one.
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