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Twiggle's Horsey Halloween
safe1707092 artist:jargon scott2417 princess celestia95048 twilight sparkle300403 alicorn224549 ghost2685 pony968203 attack301 bedsheet ghost130 candy6930 clothes459860 comic109138 costume27450 dialogue65557 eyes closed93612 female1363700 food70149 halloween8198 halloween costume1713 hand8740 hat86898 holiday20142 jack-o-lantern2318 magic73296 magic hands860 mare480932 now you fucked up305 open mouth145957 pounce294 pumpkin4226 pumpkin bucket599 smiling248650 twiggie397 u lil shid40 wart17 witch2373 witch hat3024


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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
You are SERIOUSLY pushing away your dessert privileges here, Twiggles! One more outburst like that and you're going on a veggie-fruit diet!
Background Pony #2A79
Look if you get lucky enough to score a full-size, you cannot be faulted for fighting to the death anyone who would try to steal it. Yes, that includes your parents.