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Originally posted on: November 23, 2016
Made with DeviantArt muro

Lunabswa (Absol, Lunala, Swablu)

Type: Dark, Flying, Psychic

Classification: the Moon Glow FUSEmon

Ability: Sweet Dreams
All sleeping Pokemon in the field gain HP every turn (Like Bad Dreams but heals)

Signature Move: Holy Lullaby
Category: Status
Type: Psychic
Power: –
Accuracy: 60
PP: 8 (max: 15)
"user sings a sweet lullaby that puts the target into a gentle sleep that none can resist"
    Note: even Pokemon with abilities that prevent sleep or have Sound Proof will fall asleep.

   "After returning from my trip to the Alola region, I read a legend of a spirit that can raise and lower the moon and travel through dreams and was a protector of the night, I had received inspiration. Adding some Alolan flair I have created Lunabswa! The Moon Glow FUSEmon!!"

    " I am Disappointed with how little Lunala DNA is able to be seen but I enjoy her appearance none the less. Everything about her is in theme with the night. Her wings are a fine midnight mist, her tail is a blend of Absol and Lunala, she has the body shape and the horn of an Absol. Her hair on the other hand, I have no clue about. She has also gained what seems to be boots and a chest plate/necklace. Also odd."

    "She has a air of regality and gentleness that can only be found in royalty. She likes to hum softly to herself, which makes me and other Fusemon drowsy. She flies like a soft breeze, gentle and light. She is shyer than I expected, VERY shy, might be the Absol DNA. She prefers being in the presence of others than interacting with them. But it seems that she has taken a liking to Sanningio; even though she hides when Sanningio is near, she watches it with a keen interest that could be described as a crush. How adorable!!!"
    "In battle, she is an HP wall and a healer. with her signature move, Lullaby, she can make anyone fall asleep, with her ability Sweet Dreams she heals her sleeping allies. She will take attacks for her allies and powers them up. Very annoying for competition."

    "Whelp. I’m done with typing for now. I need some sleep."
 to celebrate the coming of the new Pkmn games, I made a fusemon.

Lunabswa is based off of Princess Luna so expect some evolutions.   

Princess Luna belongs to My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic and it is owned by Hasbro

Info of Lunala here if you like spoilers, if not, then don’t click. you have been warned.

EDIT: I cropped the image to get a better view
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