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safe1617187 artist:bobthedalek889 stellar flare1097 sunburst6170 pony884957 unicorn285870 carrot1961 clothes426678 dialogue61064 duo52944 female1287367 food64398 gate152 halloween8023 holiday17105 insulted50 jack-o-lantern2258 male344387 mare440044 mother and son2734 pumpkin4100 scarf21589 sons gonna son4 stallion98019 stellar flare is not amused15 suitcase366 sunburst is a goddamn moron11 this will end in pain1800 this will not end in grandfoals4 unamused14660


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Passionate opinionator
"Well I guess I can make a new pumpkin if it bothers you, eyes narrow down in exchange for certain words to NEVER be spoken."
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Sunburst: "The evil matriarch wants her bloodline to continue, even if it means locking her son in a dungeon with a mare in heat."
Stellar: "I can't believe my own son would disrespect…wait a minute, that's not a bad idea!"
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